Four decades of hard work, integrity and innovation.

The Rumpf family
Bettina Rumpf

Wife, Mother, Businesswoman: Bettina Rumpf

Bettina was raised and educated in South Africa. As a young person, she worked after school and on weekends in her Mother’s small restaurant, where she learned to build relationships with clients based on hard work and great service. This led to a career in the fashion industry, where she quickly moved from sales to buyer. Bettina also had an early love of travel, and her engagement with the world combined with natural business acumen to prepare her for a very special future.

In 1983 her travels led her to Montreal, where she was destined to meet the man who would become her partner in life, Karsten Rumpf. Bettina’s instincts and ability to assess people’s potential proved invaluable in the early stages of their partnership. Her keen intuition has helped to advance the family business – in particular, her gift for recruiting people who demonstrate honesty, a positive attitude, and a dedication that echoes her own. Bettina continues to contribute expert managerial skills to the Rumpf family companies.

Together, Bettina and Karsten developed a unified vision for building a family-run, international real estate business. She works alongside her husband every day, dedicating herself to freeing his hands to shape their family business in new and creative ways. In addition to her deep involvement in her family’s wide ranging business activities, Bettina is a woman of many interests – the arts, fashion and philanthropy. Notably, she has dedicated herself to heightening the awareness of family and friends about healthy lifestyle choices. She is also a marvelous host and accomplished cook, as those fortunate to have been guests at her table quite happily attest.

Bettina’s instincts, intelligence, and discretion have been proudly imparted to her sons Richard and Daniel. As partners in life for over 32 years, Bettina and Karsten maintain a schedule that spans the globe, tending to the needs of their thriving trans-continental interests. Today-through their love, hard work, and commitment – it is clear that the Rumpfs have not only realized their vision, they have far exceeded it.