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Douglas Opens A New Perfume Store With More Than 500 Square Meters In Leipzig

Retail specialist COMFORT has arranged a rental agreement for Parfümerie Douglas Deutschland
GmbH at Grimmaische Straße 25 in Leipzig. Europe’s leading perfume retailer is expected to open its
second downtown store in Leipzig in March 2012. In the new store location, Douglas will have more
than 400 square meters of retail space on the first floor and another 100 square meters of auxiliary
space on the second floor. The rental agreement was arranged by COMFORT Berlin-Leipzig GmbH.

The two bottom floors of Grimmaische Straße 25 will be completely gutted and redesigned. In March
2012, the venerable retail building will reopen with a new look and three new tenants. Karsten Rumpf,
owner of the internationally active real estate group of the same name, is investing more than one
million euros to give the retail building – located at the entrance to Ritterstraße and purchased in the
summer of 2010 – a contemporary image. The property, renovated in 1994, has 4,900 square meters of
usable space, formerly housing Coffee Culture, and most recently a bakery and a Thai restaurant. The
Leipzig branch of the RKW architecture office drafted the renovation plans. The most obvious change
is a significant expansion of the display windows, which will now go up to the second floor.

Douglas is the market leader in Europe, with more than 1,200 perfume shops in 19 countries. In the
2009/2010 fiscal year, the company had more than 14,000 employees and generated a sales volume of
about 1.9 billion euros.