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Restrictions Expected During Shell Construction


You can’t see them; the 132 reinforced concrete pillars which have been cast
up to 12 metres in depth into the muddy ground. But these foundation pillars will bear the
business premises which will finally close the building gap in the Große Ulrichstraße 3. In this
way the last large wasteland area on the shopping street at the Marktplatz will disappear.
Here fruit and vegetables were last sold in huts and tents between the Müller drugstore and
the Tauschel perfumery.
This week, the shell construction for the business premises is to commence, into which
“Woolworth” is to move in June 2012. In addition, student residences are to be created here
– in the centre of the city

The position of the construction site in the lively business street, through which tram routes
lead, represents the largest challenge for the construction team. “All the materials and parts
will be delivered to the construction site from the Große Ulrichstraße,” says Jens Stange. He
is heading this project, which is being realised by the Hallesche Dienstleistungsgesellschaft
owned by investor Karsten Rumpf. The necessary logistics for filling the gap represent the
major task. First the rear section of the property and then the front half of the building
adjacent to the street are to be built.
It is clear that the work will cause restrictions in the inner city; for example, up to 70 trucks
will deliver concrete for casting the floor plate of the front section. “But the trams shouldn’t
stand still for this reason,” says Stange.

He praises the city administration for their efficient collaboration. “In October, the approval
procedure began; the building permit was issued in May.” The project has been changed
slightly as insisted upon by the municipality. Therefore the building with the modern glass
façade will feature a saddleback roof instead of the flat roof originally planned.

The Investor, Mr. Rumpf, is investing approximately five million Euros into the business and
residential premises. “Woolworth” will be utilising approximately 2000 square metres of sales
areas. In addition, another small retail trade area will be generated. According to Stange,
there are already parties who are interested in this area. In addition, 14 student apartments,
each measuring 35 square metres, in part with a balcony or patio, will be created on the two
top floors. Stange is convinced by the lucrative inner city location. And the Rumpf group of
companies is experienced. In Halle, for example, they built the Haus am Leipziger Turm with
the Commerzbank as tenants.

The construction site at the Große Ulrichstraße 3 will be carefully observed by passers-by
over the coming months. Just as when the archaeological excavations took place on this site,
which revealed the remains of a medieval house there, showing that the site was a lively
place during that era, too.